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United States authorizes Boeing 737 MAX to fly with passengers again

The United States Federal Air Administration gave Boeing the go-ahead on Wednesday to allow its 737 MAX aircraft to fly with passengers again, after the ban applied in 2019 for two accidents involving these aircraft that left 346 dead in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

"The design and certification of this aircraft included an unprecedented level of collaboration and independent reviews from air authorities around the world," the US agency said in a statement.

The Federal Air Administration order allows Boeing to re-market the 737 MAXs for passenger flights to airlines around the world.

"Those regulators have indicated that design changes at Boeing, as well as modifications to procedures and crew training, will give them the confidence to approve the aircraft as safe to fly in their respective countries and regions."

The investigation found that, due to a technical failure, the safety systems designed to prevent the aircraft from climbing too quickly had behaved improperly, causing precipitous descents that could not be controlled by the pilots, leading to fatal accidents.

This crisis has cost Boeing about $ 20 billion, including the compensation it must pay to victims and airlines.

“We will never forget the lives lost in the two tragic accidents that led to the decision to suspend operations. These events and the lessons we have learned as a result have reshaped our company and further focused our attention on our core values ​​of safety, quality and integrity, ”said David Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, in a press release.

The first of the fatal 737 MAX accidents occurred in October 2018 in Indonesia, when a Lion Air airline plane crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 189 passengers and crew members occupying it.

The second accident, which led to a ban on airlines from continuing to use this aircraft model, occurred in March 2019 in Ethiopia, when an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed near the town of Bishoftu, killing all 157 people who were there. on board.


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