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Boris Johnson, UK is at a dangerous time in the pandemic

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, warned that the United Kingdom is in a dangerous moment of the pandemic during an intervention to inform of new restrictive measures to contain the advance of COVID-19.

In a statement in the House of Commons, Johnson reported that the use of masks will be mandatory in bars, restaurants and retail stores, while fines for those who do not comply with security measures will be reinforced.

The conservative premier, who will deliver a speech to the country tonight - at 19 GMT - highlighted the Government's objective of maintaining a balance between the need to save lives and reduce the economic impact of the measures, which will be maintained in principle for some six months.

Johnson, who said he wants to avoid another total confinement, reiterated several measures already advanced last night by the Executive, such as the closure of pubs, bars and restaurants starting this Thursday from 10 at night (21.00 GMT), as a way to reduce the social contacts, main source of infections.

He also asked the British to telecommute, but that they can go to their posts if it is essential.

These provisions correspond to England - mostly mandatory from next week - as the other nations - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - will take theirs.

Workplaces in England will be required by law to comply with anti-Covid hygiene and safety measures, while the original plan to relax the ban on public attendance at sporting events will be lifted.


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