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European stocks rise after announcing the end of quarantine in Wuhan

Stock markets started this week at a good pace hoping for an improvement in the health outlook in Wuhan, the Chinese area where the coronavirus originated, start the session with noticeable increases after yesterday's losses and after it was announced that the Chinese city of Wuhan, where it started to spread the coronavirus outbreak, it will lift the quarantine on April 8.

At 9:30 am, London gained 3.5; Frankfurt, a 5; Paris, a 4; Milan, 4.8; and Madrid, 3.2. Previously, in Asia, Tokyo was up 7.13. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones fell 3.04 yesterday.

According to analysts, the positive mood of investors is also influenced by the decision of the US Federal Reserve to expand the purchase of assets, a measure that yesterday contained losses on the stock markets but could not avoid them.

Income analysts believe investors miss global coordinated action like the one launched in the 2008 financial crisis.

In the oil market, prices are recovering: Brent, the benchmark crude in Europe, rises 2.5 and Texas, the benchmark in the US, does so 4.

The markets are currently awaiting the publication of the preliminary purchasing managers' indices (PMI) in March for the US, the euro area and Japan, in which the impact of the expansion of the coronavirus should already begin to be perceived.


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