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US Congress will vote to formalize political trial against Trump

The House of Representatives of the United States will carry out this Thursday the vote to formalize the process of

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Finland created a course on artificial intelligence for its citizens

Institutions, universities and companies of Finland in 2018 promoted the creation of a project called Elementent of AI, basically a

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China needs to resolve fundamental issues with the US

President of the United States, Donald Trump and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He.

China applauded the signing of a preliminary

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Forest fire in Chile leaves more than 150 homes destroyed

Dozens of inhabitants of the Rocuant and San Roque hills dug through the ruins of their homes, and desperately asked

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Fishing of sharks

For years, shark fisheries worldwide are the cause of great concerns regarding their proper management due to the vulnerability to

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In his 2021 visa lottery, USA will deliver 55,000 visas

The US State Department announced that it will randomly draw up to a maximum of 55,000 Diversity Visas through the

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Michelle Obama with a self-help book

The former first lady of the United States launches a guide of questions and quotes inspired by her best-selling autobiography

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Reuven Rivlin President of Israel studies who to assign new government

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, concluded on Monday his second and crucial day of consultations to find a new prime minister

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