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Scale tension between the US and Iran after attacks on ships

The United States on Thursday brought to the UN Security Council its accusation against Iran for the alleged attacks perpetrated against two tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.

In a closed-door meeting, the US delegation transferred its analysis of this new incident in the Persian Gulf to the rest of the Council, just a couple of hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed directly to Tehran.

Acting US Ambassador Jonathan Cohen briefly appeared before reporters at the end of the meeting to denounce the attacks as "another example of Iran's destabilizing actions in the region."

Citing what was previously said by Pompeo, the diplomat stressed that the Persian country has the necessary capabilities to carry out this operation, which would have required resources that no rebel group in the area has.

The highest decision-making body of the United Nations did not agree on any official statement on the incident, but all its members condemned the attacks against civilian ships, explained the acting president, the Ambassador of Kuwait, Mansur al Otaibi.

The diplomat said that, as a country in the region, Kuwait wants to see an independent investigation to analyze what happened, but noted that the Council did not discuss any proposal about who could carry it out.

l Otaibi also assured that the meeting did not deal with "evidence" of the attacks and that it was only a first conversation about the incident.

The supposed attack has once again triggered tension in the Persian Gulf, following the alleged sabotage of four ships in the same area last month, of which Saudi Arabia and the United States blamed Iran.

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