Inflation in the United States slowed in November, but with a slowdown in consumption just as the end-of-year shopping season began, which could herald a recession in 2023. According to the PCE index, inflation fell to 5.5% year-on-year in November from 6.1% in October, which is used by the USContinue Reading

In the United States, the IPC data for the month of July were lower than in the previous month. The drop has been even greater than what the market expected. The slowdown in the rise in prices is confirmed. Inflation in year-on-year terms rises to 8.5%, below the 9.1% inContinue Reading

US consumer prices hit a new 40-year high after May’s Consumer Price Index (IPC) was released. After gasoline reached an all-time high and the cost of services continued to rise. The foregoing indicates that the Federal Reserve (Fed) could continue with its increases of 50 basis points in interest ratesContinue Reading