Large wind turbines are already part of some landscapes, and their implementation is expected to be even greater in the future, but there are also solutions that are much smaller, lighter and easier to use, such as Shine, created by Aurea Technologies, a Canadian company, it is a turbine portableContinue Reading

Natron, an American company, will start manufacturing next year the sodium ion batteries that have become the great alternative to lithium. To reduce the effects of climate change, countries and companies are increasingly committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Achieving this purpose could accelerate the demand for new alternatives toContinue Reading

Emirates Herald informed through an article published by Xataca, where they refer that, during the last decades, the stories that we told ourselves about the first humans were something very similar to a picaresque novel: defenseless primates (without nails, without teeth, without natural defenses) that by dint of ingenuity andContinue Reading

The USA Herald reported that researchers and scientific backers see human urine as an alternative to chemical fertilizers to reduce environmental pollution and feed a growing population. Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers used in excess pollute the environment and to a lesser extent help boost agricultural production. However, with the difficulties of theContinue Reading

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made one of the app’s 3 new features official, after months of testing and leaks about new WhatsApp updates. He announced that the instant messaging application will have reactions for messages Through a message on Facebook. Several emojis have been added with which users can respondContinue Reading

Faced with the crisis that agriculture is experiencing and the state of abandonment of peasant farmers producing potatoes, cassava, yams, corn and bananas, it is worth doing an exercise in historical memory. In 1968, through an administrative reform, the Agricultural Marketing Institute – IDEMA was created, a State Industrial andContinue Reading

“There are rich people, and people with poor habits.” Thus begins the Contador Financiero talk with Cesar Jaramillo, financial coach and international speaker, who also proposes a key theory for understanding poverty, which he describes as “a consequence of misused time.” Jaramillo seeks to contribute to that need that is being necessaryContinue Reading