On this list there are many millionaires and billionaires, including several famous entrepreneurs, with companies that produce million-dollar profits, year after year, and with fortunes already in the thousands of millions of dollars. Forbes magazine each year analyzes the 400 richest men in the United States, in the 2022 listContinue Reading

According to statements by Prime Minister Daniel Risch to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, the Liechtenstein government plans to accept bitcoin as payment for state services. According to Risch, the proposal provides for the immediate exchange of any cryptocurrency received for Swiss francs, to avoid exchange rate risks. In addition, itContinue Reading

Disney has announced the great launch of a new tourist experience in Colombia for 2024 that will allow tourism lovers to immerse themselves in the real environments of the animated musical “Encanto”, an adventure through the cultural diversity and scenic beauty of this country. This initiative will be led byContinue Reading

The Spanish Association of Consulting Companies (AEC) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Junior Achievement Foundation for the third year to promote technological vocations through training projects in 31 educational centers. With this initiative, the employers’ association of the consulting sector directed by Elena Salgado, intends to contribute toContinue Reading