A boat full of migrants intercepted and detained off Florida

This Saturday off the coast of the Florida Keys, in the extreme south of this state in the southeastern United States, a boat was intercepted with presumably more than a hundred immigrants.

Members of the Border Patrol, federal and local agencies, as well as members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, where the Florida Keys are located, this afternoon intercepted a sailboat with suspected undocumented immigrants on board north of Key Largo, the Coast Guard reported. American on his Twitter account.

The interception occurs at a time when there has been an increase in the traffic of fragile boats with immigrants seeking to reach the Florida coast illegally in recent months.

At the moment the agency has not reported on the status of immigrants or their origin.

The Coast Guard reported this Saturday, the repatriation of 53 Cubans who were detained in different interceptions off the Florida coast.

After a boat with 15 people on board capsized off Sugarloaf Key on Friday, an incident in which two people died, the Coast Guard today continues the search for 5 missing people, presumably Cubans.

They went to the scene after receiving several notices from the sinister vessel and managed to rescue eight people, 6 of whom had to be transferred to health centers, the Coast Guard reported.

According to figures from the US Coast Guard, since October 1 of that year, when the current fiscal year began, more than 3,739 people from the Caribbean island who traveled by sea have been detained. reported The Tampa Herald, a news and information agency.


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