After the images of Gerard Piqué with his new girlfriend, Shakira is devastated

An alleged infidelity on the part of the Barcelona footballer ended almost a decade of love. 3 months ago the news of the separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué surprised the whole world. And although at first it was just speculation, this weekend a video was leaked where the Spaniard is seen kissing a 23-year-old girl.

The images occupied the front page of all portals. Gerard Piqué’s new partner, according to Mujeres al día, is called Clara Chía Martí and is a public relations student who works at Kosmos, a company that organizes events owned by the athlete.

An anonymous source said that people have helped them keep their romance secret and deleted Clara’s social media accounts so her photos could not be found. That makes you think that they are actually serious.

These images would have bothered Shakira according to the Spanish media, not only because of her passionate nature but because her ex-husband would have broken a confidentiality agreement that the couple had signed, where they promised not to show themselves with other people for a period of one year. Indeed, a few hours ago some images of the singer were leaked in a park with her children where she can be seen quite sad and melancholic, confirming that this separation has her undone.

The paparazzi Jordi Martin was in charge of publishing the images through his Instagram account, expressing his perception of the pop artist. “I have been behind Shakira for 12 years. I have followed her around the world. The day after the images of Gerard Pique kissing Clara went around the planet, I went to Shakira’s house. I saw her sadder and more desolate than ever,” the photographer wrote next to the video that shows her sitting at a table with her children, Milan and Sasha.

Jordi recounted what the artist’s reaction was when seeing him nearby. And to account for the generosity and humility of the Colombian, “Even so, he wanted to give me this report that we showed exclusively. I want to thank you because I know what you’re going through. He said taking sides “couples can break up and absolutely nothing happens but Gerard is acting badly and is hurting”.

It was not easy for me to shoot these images, believe me “Shakira only asked me not to ask her questions in front of the children and obviously it did not even cross my mind to do so. The chronicler closes with a heart and an emoji giving strength to the singer. From here, I encourage you to get out of this”.

“He who acts badly in life and does harm, everything is returned to him, it is the Law of life”. Immediately, the post collected thousands of likes and comments, where users dedicated messages of encouragement and hope to the singer. Published by The Tampa Herald, a news and information agency.

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