Large wind turbines are already part of some landscapes, and their implementation is expected to be even greater in the future, but there are also solutions that are much smaller, lighter and easier to use, such as Shine, created by Aurea Technologies, a Canadian company, it is a turbine portableContinue Reading

Natron, an American company, will start manufacturing next year the sodium ion batteries that have become the great alternative to lithium. To reduce the effects of climate change, countries and companies are increasingly committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Achieving this purpose could accelerate the demand for new alternatives toContinue Reading

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made one of the app’s 3 new features official, after months of testing and leaks about new WhatsApp updates. He announced that the instant messaging application will have reactions for messages Through a message on Facebook. Several emojis have been added with which users can respondContinue Reading

The Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority, or VARA, has purchased land in virtual reality world The Sandbox as part of its plans to establish a headquarters in the metaverse. The news agency, in an announcement published on Tuesday, told VARA that the entry into the metaverse was intended to facilitateContinue Reading

Cryptobtcbrowser reported based on market research, information security, and digital media with extensive sales track records in various software industries to discuss DeFi. Financial investments are based on loans and interest payments, as a relationship between creditor and debtor. In the traditional market, this relationship is mediated by a third party.Continue Reading

There is a lot of interest about metaverse cryptocurrencies since last year. This has a lot to do with the rebranding of Facebook to Meta. Being one of the largest technology organizations in the world, Facebook created instant appeal for a market that has seen many technical improvements since 2019.Continue Reading

An initiative was announced that aims to provide $100 million over five years to improve equality and inclusion in Miami’s rapidly growing technology sector. Under the name of Tech Equity Miami, JPMorgan Chase, The Knight Foundation, The Miami Foundation and aire ventures have come together to launch this initiative inContinue Reading

After rescinding the sale of its subsidiaries in South America, the multinational telecommunications company Telefónica is moving forward in the region with a model of associations with other companies and funds, although Argentina is not the most favored destination in terms of investments by the current macroeconomic conditions and theContinue Reading