Engineers and astrophysicists have applied their efforts to understand the phenomena that originate in the exterior of the Earth and in our solar system for several decades. Precisely for this reason, different space agencies have designed and manufactured powerful telescopes such as the James Webb, together with different probes thatContinue Reading

After the world’s largest asset manager faced sharp declines in stock and bond markets last year, BlackRock Inc. plans to lay off about 500 employees, about 2.5% of its global workforce. Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink and President Rob Kapito wrote Wednesday, “The uncertainty that surrounds us makes it moreContinue Reading

During the new year the presence of high winter temperatures, have broken records in some parts of Europe, which has led activists to demand faster action against climate change and has offered a short-term respite to governments fighting against high gas prices. Temperature records have recently been broken in hundredsContinue Reading

The specialist Hasnaa Chennaui, a prestigious Moroccan geologist, points out in the science of meteorites that current space missions promise “more concrete” advances in knowledge of the solar system in 2023. He explains, qualifying all these trips as “exceptional”, “The ongoing space missions will have a more concrete contribution toContinue Reading