While other tycoons have lost billions of dollars in a very short time, Warren Buffett has won again, and his net worth has increased. Among the 10 richest people in the world, the billionaire investor Buffet, is one of the two people among whom he has seen his net worthContinue Reading

In any apartment in the city of Medellin in Colombia, “tusibi” is cooked, the fashionable drug in the electronic parties of Colombia. “Pink cocaine” as it is called, the colorful powder that is consumed in electronic music clubs has no chemical relationship with the coca leaf-based stimulant that Colombia exportsContinue Reading

“There are rich people, and people with poor habits.” Thus begins the Contador Financiero talk with Cesar Jaramillo, financial coach and international speaker, who also proposes a key theory for understanding poverty, which he describes as “a consequence of misused time.” Jaramillo seeks to contribute to that need that is being necessaryContinue Reading

A gauge of US dollar strength rose to its highest level in two decades, spurred by a hawkish Federal Reserve and concerns about sharp slowdowns in economic growth elsewhere around the world. ICE U.S. Dollar Index rose 0.9% to hit the highest level since 2002, surpassing its 2017 high, beforeContinue Reading