A new antibody drug to help fight COVID-19 infection in immune-compromised people may be available by the end of the year. AstraZeneca said Thursday that its treatment, called AZD3152, appears to work in all variants to date, potentially providing necessary armor for immunocompromised people whose vaccinations have not given themContinue Reading

The stage of menopause produces certain mental disturbances beyond the physical symptoms. Specialists assure that the secondary emotional effects that most frequently occur in women, either in premenopause or during menopause, include irritability, disproportionate emotional reactions, lack of motivation, anxiety, forgetfulness, confusion, and worsening of existing depression. This time inContinue Reading

Scientists from around the world investigating obesity recently gathered in the golden rooms of the Royal Society, the academy of sciences of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, where ideas like gravity and evolution were once debated. While they debated the triggers for obesity, which affects more than 40% of AmericanContinue Reading

In addition to acting as a protective shield for other important organs, such as the heart, the bones support and allow the body to move, and also store important minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are necessary for the heart, muscles and nerves to function properly, and alsoContinue Reading