Its historical, tourist and business attractions have made Latin America stand out in the world according to reports from real estate agencies provided to The Tampa Herald.

The real estate market has given a great turn to the global economy, especially in Latin America. However, in many parts of the world the real estate market has also had great dynamism that has provided the construction sector and the real estate market to carry out work or business in the various economic sectors.

The great precursor of the real estate sector that has influenced the most in the last 4 years has been IRAIC REIT, even after the pandemic it has remained strong in the sector, daily adding more sales and investors who bet on the multiple benefits generated by the company, providing great growth and expansion needs towards new sites and trade routes.


IRAIC as an investment

Housing continues to be an investment and savings option for many inhabitants of the Latin American territory and foreigners who see real estate as a safe and profitable alternative for their capital. According to real estate investors, before the pandemic between 50 and 70% of people who bought a house or an apartment did so to live in the property. Now the trend has reversed and the highest percentage range is for investors.

And that investor would love to know that they can buy in many tourist places and commercial areas of Latin America and the world.

“Whether it is for young families who want to grow up in contact with nature, for retirees who want to live in a quiet and safe place, for young professionals who work or have businesses anywhere in Latin America and the world, or for national or foreign investors. who want to buy a second or third home, there is a project for every lifestyle” conclude some real estate investors.


About the best investments

In an urban development planned for the future, real estate integrates nature with infrastructure, with opportunities for all, its higher purpose is to guarantee quality of life for people who are going to live or rent with your real estate business.

In addition, it increases the possibilities of the real estate business because it generates monthly dividends for being part of the group of investors of IRAIC REIT. By being part of this investment group of IRAIC, you open new paths towards the various economic sectors such as solutions in health, education, sports, commerce, transportation, agriculture, livestock, energy, assets such as gold, retirement funds, contracts of iraic, iraic plans, visa for investors with the highest guaranteed benefits and advice from the best specialists in the market with great potential and international experience. Published by The Tampa Herald, news and information agency

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