Billionaire Elon Musk goes a step further in seeking financing for his company

Elon Musk’s number one goal since the billionaire took control of the social network last October has been finding new sources of funding for Twitter. However, the latest proposals from the current CEO of Twitter could have gone too far.

From the outset, the businessman pointed out that the company was not profitable and that he had to look for new sources of financing. Since Musk bought Twitter at the end of October for $44 billion, he has been trying to make a profit on his investment. Immediately afterwards, a restructuring began with which the workforce has been cut, offices have been closed and a subscription model has been proposed.

Musk’s employees have indicated in this new stage that the plans of the owner of Twitter included making them sleep in the office or leaving them without toilet paper. However, with his new proposal, Elon seems to have gone a step further.
An auction has begun in which it makes available to the public various assets belonging to its headquarters in San Francisco, United States. As reported by CNBC, these assets include coffee machines, beer kegs, computers, and even large neon graphics with the logo of the social network.

The bid for some of the products that the CEO of Tesla has put up for auction closes at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday the 18th, while that of others ends after 00:00 on Thursday the 19th.

Those who show interest in obtaining any of these goods can see the complete list through the page that organizes the auction, Heritage Global. The list includes several kitchen utensils (a stove, several refrigerators and pizza ovens), as well as televisions, desks or video conferencing equipment.

Among the most sought-after goods —which can be found here— are an industrial pizza oven for which $10,500 (about 9,700 euros) have been bid, a professional espresso machine valued at 11,000 and 2 Twitter logos: a statue valued at 20,500 and a neon for which 22,500 dollars (about 20,700 euros) have been bid.

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