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Google introduces new Chromecast with remote control and Google TV

Google introduced the latest version of its popular Chromecast streaming device, which for the first time adds a remote control with a voice assistant and comes with a completely redesigned interface using the GoogleTV operating system.

In an event held digitally by the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm led by Sundar Pichai introduced its hardware innovations for this year, which in addition to the Chromecast, include new Pixel phones and an updated smart speaker model.

Unlike previous models, when users purchase the new Chromecast, they will find two parts in the box: one, the traditional one, is the one that fits the TV to play internet content on it, while the other is a small remote control .

The remote includes buttons for direct access to Netflix and YouTube and one to activate the voice assistant, in addition to the usual ones on similar devices such as Roku for the main menu, navigation, back and sound controls.

Apart from the remote control, the new device from the Mountain View company (California, USA) presents its greatest innovations in software, with a complete redesign of the start menu and navigation through GoogleTV, a new system based on the already existing AndroidTV.

GoogleTV is the central platform that brings together all the services to which the user is subscribed, whether they are streaming video such as YouTube, Netflix or Hulu (the system makes personalized recommendations based on artificial intelligence); music with, for example, Spotify; or even video surveillance systems like Google's Nest range.

Along with the updates, Chromecast also maintains its original functionality of playing the contents on a computer, tablet or mobile phone on the TV.


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