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France, application to track cases of coronavirus

The National Commission of informatics and freedoms (Cnil) considered that the application respects the laws related to the protection of privacy in France and provides sufficient safeguards to prevent abuse, would allow alerting people who were in contact with a person infected with covid -19.

The StopCovid application would allow users to keep a record of the other users with whom they have been in contact during the last two weeks, less than one meter, for at least 15 minutes.

If the user discovers that he has the virus, he can inform the platform, which in turn will alert the people with whom he was in contact.

Although the use of the application would be voluntary, defenders of freedoms have expressed fear that the application marks the first step towards a society under constant surveillance through smarthphones. The application will not be based on geolocation, but will use Bluetooth technology that allows mobile phones to communicate with each other at close range.

The French parliament, which is due to vote on the launch of the app, will debate the matter on Wednesday. If you say yes, StopCovid may be available starting this weekend. Several countries, including Australia and Italy, have already launched similar applications to track coronavirus cases in order to limit their spread.


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