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Tips to take care of your laptop in quarantine

The computer has become an essential tool in the midst of this quarantine, through which people are working or studying from home. This device facilitates communication with other people and is also a source of entertainment.

If it is not used properly, it may fail. For this reason, Acer, a brand specialized in laptops, offers a series of recommendations to take care of the laptop during quarantine.

Periodically clean the device: Use a dry microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol, and a compressed air blower. Apply brief compressed air bombardments to all cracks and crevices, including keyboard, vent, and USB ports. Then use the cloth to clean the screen.

Be careful where you place your laptop: Putting your computer next to a glass of water is exposing it to a possible accident if the liquid spills, it is important to keep the computer away from any liquid.

Protect the keyboard: Avoid eating too close to or on top of the keyboard because the terminals can get between the keys and this could damage the internal circuits of the keyboard.

Allow air flow: People usually use their laptop while in bed, this is a mistake because the vents are blocked, which could cause damage to your computer components. It is recommended to put the laptop on a table.


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