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Tips for not running out of internet signal in this quarantine

In this time of quarantine, mandatory isolation, members of the same family can use the Internet to connect their televisions, video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, computers and perform various activities, and everyone expects it to work at the highest possible speed.

Taking this situation into account, priority must be given to work and study activities during the day and use the home WiFi network to watch videos or streaming content at times of less demand.

Internet has peaks of consumption: In these days of preventive isolation, the peaks of internet use are being recorded between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon (time when we were previously in offices or in schools). While between 6 in the afternoon and 11 at night there is a lower demand because people are looking for other means of entertainment such as television or different types of games.

Don't move the modem: When technicians install Internet service, they look for the best place in your home to locate the modem and ensure that the signal propagates in the best way. Therefore, it is very important to leave it as the specialist located it.

Check the signal strength: The size and distribution of a house, WiFi may not reach all spaces, this is because the signal emitted by the modem is weakened as it encounters obstacles, such as walls . The more obstacles you encounter, the weaker the signal becomes.


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