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With more than 9 thousand patents

IBM inventors reach record high

For more than a quarter of a century, IBM has been a leader in patents and advanced technology to improve the way we work and live. Today, the company reaffirms that mission by announcing that IBM inventors reached a record number of 9,262 patents and by joining LOT Network, a community of nonprofit companies that builds a protective barrier against “patent hijackers” or entities of patent assertion.

LOT Network is a community that works to protect the traditional uses of patents, foster innovation and combat threats to the system that come from the Patent Assertion Entities (PAE). This decision is in line with the historic acquisition of Red Hat, a founding member of the LOT Network, and is another proof of how customers and the open source community will benefit from IBM + Red Hat. This is a great step in the advancement of innovation by ensuring that our patents cannot be used as weapons against open source developers.

IBM's culture of innovation constantly stimulates the development of transformative technologies that are redefining industries such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, security, internet of things and quantum computing. Therefore, in 2019, Latin American inventors of IBM reached 132 patents to contribute to the objective of empowering customers, people and society.

For example, in 2019, IBM patented new AI algorithms that can “read between the lines” to discover the meanings and emotions of text and speech. In 2020, IBM will use these patents to lead advances in natural language processing (PLN) - including the combination of recognition of traditional patterns with semantic reasoning - that allows business users to obtain better results from the powerful tools of PLN while using less time resources, data and human supervision.

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