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Microsoft stops supporting one in four computers

The end of Windows 7

Goodbye to Windows 7. Microsoft stops Tuesday giving technical support to millions of computers with this operating system. The company will no longer make security updates, improvements or corrections. This change affects millions of individuals and companies. One in four laptops and desktops still run this operating system, according to December 2019 data from NetMarketShare. The solution is to upgrade to Windows 10 or buy a new computer.

In 2009 Microsoft announced its commitment to offer 10 years of technical support for Windows 7. That period is fulfilled this Tuesday. From now on, computers with this operating system will continue to work. But if there is any vulnerability that affects the security and privacy of users, the company will not release any patches to correct it. "While you could continue using your Windows 7 PC, without continuous software and security updates, you will be at greater risk of viruses and malware," explains Microsoft on its website.

In addition, Microsoft customer service will no longer be available to provide technical support for Windows 7 and some services intended for this operating system will disappear. For example, the interruption of some games has been scheduled in January 2020, such as Backgammon on the Internet and Checkers on the Internet, as well as the Electronic Program Guide for Windows Media Center.

However, companies will be able to pay Microsoft to continue receiving updates for Windows 7 Professional or Business until 2023. The company's goal with this change is to focus its investment "on offering technical support to newer technologies." 54.6 laptops and desktops are already running Windows 10, according to NetMarketShare.

The way to not be exposed to possible vulnerabilities is, according to the company, to buy a new computer or upgrade the operating system to Windows 10. For the latter, a full version of the software must be installed, something that is not free. Acquiring Windows 10 Home, the simplest license, costs 145 euros. Microsoft recommends this option for personal or domestic use. The Pro version is priced at 259 euros and Workstations, a version designed for advanced users and companies that process demanding workloads, is worth 439 euros. Once the operating system is updated, Microsoft recommends installing the programs and applications on the new Windows 10 computer again.

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