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Maximum device performance

Experience tricks with your Android mobile

Android is a platform that does not stop evolving and there are constant updates that can be installed by the owner of a platform device, as long as it supports the new version. However, the operating system has a series of shortcuts or tricks with which you can significantly improve the experience of using the device, and are not always known by the bulk of users, it is convenient to review the following tricks that you might not know and that will allow you to get the maximum performance from the device.

How to take a photo using the volume button as a shutter button

The camera has become the most used function in the mobile phone and developers have taken this circumstance into account when facilitating a function that not everyone knows: use the volume button as a trigger to take photos. Using this button we reproduce the natural gesture of the camera, but we also avoid possible movements when using two hands when taking a photo. To activate this function, go to Settings / Camera settings and activate the Volume button function.

Locate the mobile if you have lost it

There is no worse feeling than the one you feel when you do not find your mobile, even when you have lost it at home. How to locate it? Google has made this possibility really simple: just visit the address or even simpler, by typing in a browser where we have registered our Google account, “where is my mobile”; In both cases, if the device is activated, it will appear on a map and we can perform several actions, such as playing sounds or even deleting it remotely.

Return to the previous screen with a gesture

Android allows you to easily return to the previous screen with a simple gesture and avoid having to press buttons. Thus, if we are reading an email and want to return to the inbox, just make the most intuitive gesture: move your finger from left to right.

Increase text font
In Settings / Accessibility / Vision you will find the option to increase the font size by default or configure the gestures to activate the precious magnifying glass.

Program the automatic switching on and off of the mobile

The best thing about smart devices is to let them manage functions for us, and one as simple as turning off and on without the need for user intervention can be really useful. If you have fixed customs throughout the week, you can go to Settings / Smart Assistance / Scheduled on and off and specify the hours and days there.

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