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USB charging connectors in public spaces

The connections can be a door for pirates to steal private information from the user or install malicious programs, arriving at the hotel room after a long trip and starting to locate the plugs to charge the different devices is something already common for the vast majority, And in this sense, finding a USB connector on the wall can be like giving as an oasis in the desert. These types of connectors save the headache of dealing with the different types of plugs that one can find in different countries, but experts have once again warned of their danger, they can be an access channel for hackers. And the threat is real.

Although it is a threat that is already known and about which experts have warned in the past, the Los Angeles prosecutor's office in the United States has issued a public alert asking citizens to avoid using at all costs the USB connectors present in hotels and airports before the serious possibility of being victims of the known as juice jacking. Using this technique, hackers can steal private user information directly from their mobile phone or, worse, install malware that could even record conversations, and all the activity performed on the device.

The possibility of running out of battery is one of the biggest fears for anyone, but you have to take a very high risk, how can you avoid it?

Avoid USB ports. It may seem obvious, but it is the first recommendation of all experts, not to use these public USB ports despite how convenient they are and how much a battery can be needed.

Carry the charger on top. Modern chargers barely take up space and one should always be carried on top to charge the mobile and avoid having to resort to these public ports.

Use portable batteries. The so-called powerbanks are a lifesaver for many travelers and their use will always be more advisable than using a public USB.

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