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High-tech teams use facial recognition to identify protesters and criminals.

Gigantic Russian video surveillance network

The Russian government installed more than 200,000 cameras equipped with facial recognition throughout Moscow. Earlier this year, Sergei Sobianin, mayor of the Russian capital, announced plans to strengthen the video surveillance network in the city.

Sergey Sobianin, mayor of Moscow, said that during the World Cup, held in 2018, tests were performed with facial recognition cameras.

The technology department of the Moscow City Council invested about 4 million dollars in the video surveillance system. According to Sobianin, during the World Cup, held in 2018, the first tests were carried out with facial recognition cameras.

Russia, which faces criticism for using technology to take authoritarian measures against its citizens, installed the cameras in areas where protesters generally meet.

The cameras, which have the ability to record up to 1.5 billion hours of material annually, broadcast the demonstrations live to security officials. There are about 16,000 officials who have access to the images.

The cameras have generated controversy among citizens, who have sought throughout this year to stop their implementation in Moscow. A couple of weeks ago, human rights defender Alyona Popova filed a lawsuit against the video surveillance system ensuring that it violates the rights of peaceful protesters.

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