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Mei, it works through an artificial intelligence algorithm

App analyzes WhatsApp conversations

Artificial intelligence can help us find a partner. Mei is an application that analyzes the words and expressions of WhatsApp conversations to communicate to the user if the person he is talking to is hiding a secret, if he is manifesting abnormal levels of anger or if he is interested in it emotionally. In the US and Canada it has been on the market since June and more than 600,000 people have downloaded it. In a few weeks Mei will be available in Spain, although only for iOS.

The appointments in the future will be largely based on data, says Lee, founder of Mei. The application that speeds up the process of finding a partner will not only tell you if your conversation is on track but also, if it detects a certain degree of discomfort in the conversation, it will give you advice on how to close the communication gap, that is, how Approach your interlocutor. If you see a big difference in a particular feature, such as spontaneity, in which the user is so low and the contact so high, it will highlight that feature and give advice on how to change. The goal is to help users recognize if it is different from the people they chat with, so they can try to relate better, says Lee.

Mei works with an algorithm that uses neural network models that analyze all the words used in the conversation. "We have models that not only predict whether a relationship is romantic or non-romantic, but can predict 30 different personality traits of the authors of the texts," says Lee. There are no precise words that the algorithm detects as romantic or not. Although the creators of the app have confirmed that words like sleep and night are highly correlated with romantic relationships. However, if a user deliberately repeats them with or without meaning, the algorithm immediately realizes and alerts that something strange is happening.

The main problem with this type of application is that the users who download it the most are the youngest. According to the Mei website, the user must be at least 13 years old to download it. In Spain, the minimum age to accept that the personal data of application users is used is 14 years. But during that year, the father, mother or guardian can give consent for the teenager to use them, as with YouTube, Pinterest or Tik Tok. “However, it is simple for a child under 13 to download it simply by saying that he is older. Facebook has installed a system for the user to verify their age with their ID, but the rest of the applications can be deceived, ”says Sergio Maldonado, CEO of Privacy Cloud.

The application also collects all the calls that the user has made, the entire database of the messages and in the future they can use the usage information data, content information, device information, messages and the calendar, location , denounces Eusebio Nieva, technical director of Checkpoint in Spain and Portugal. Many applications obtain information from users. The Google search engine provides a series of services in exchange for user information. But in this case it is getting more information than Google without a tangible benefit for the user, adds Nieva.

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