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Why has it fallen so many times

Facebook, systems chain failures

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social network, said in an internal meeting with his employees last month, that Facebook has fallen more times in 2019 than in all recent years together, so we have a big problem. We are doing worse than before and we have to focus more on solving it, "he added, according to the audio that was leaked from the meeting that the web The Verge has been publishing in recent days. The technical infrastructure that supports three applications with more than 2,000 millions of users causes chain failures of the systems.

On March 14, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced their worst fall in history, which lasted more than 24 hours. There were also falls in April and July in addition to a previous one in November 2018.

This dire streak is something very rare in a network that has boasted since the beginning of its consistency. If these disasters become commonplace, their viability could be questioned, especially now that Facebook is rotating towards more private areas, where trust is central. The origin of the problem is technical, but the consequences for the company are economic: "From a competitive point of view, what we see is that when we fall on WhatsApp or Instagram Direct, there are people who simply do not return. They can move their messages to iMessage [from Apple] or to Telegram or any other service and it's over. It takes months of struggle to regain your trust in our services, "Zuckerberg explained.

Next to Zuckerberg was at the meeting the Vice President of Engineering of Facebook, Santosh Janardhan, who explained the reason for the last big fall in July: "We do many tests to understand the limits of the system and make it more resilient. One of the risks of tests is that we push the system just a little beyond the edge so that it fails in ways we did not anticipate. Last week we did a load test in one of our data centers. We pushed to the limit where we store our photos, videos, Messenger attachments, stickers, things like that, and he fell into a series of chain failures, "he explained.

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