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Technology has advanced to the identification of needs

5G technology slows your progress

The 5G technology that will revolutionize communications. It will do so because of its enormous capacity to transmit information, the minimum latency (the period it takes for this data to come and go between senders and receivers) and its ability to connect a multitude of devices. It's here. And yet it is difficult to use. The industry is still looking for formulas and exploring their possibilities. And the average user still does not quite understand what advantages that revolution will bring, which also requires a large outlay to choose one of the few existing terminals compatible with the new generation. “Technology has advanced to the identification of needs,” explains Mercedes Fernández, Innovation Manager at Telefónica.

“There is a lack of services that take advantage of the special capabilities of 5G. That is why pilot projects that promote uses and services are made. These are needs that we still have to find in our clients, ”adds Fernández, who explains that, for now, they have focused on the business sector. That is where Telefónica is looking for allies to find the fifth generation of mobile telephony definitive meaning. He is doing it through his 5G Technological Cities project, which started in early 2018 in Segovia and Talavera de la Reina to continue later with Barcelona, ​​Alcobendas and Málaga, a city that already has coverage in much of its territory, although others Many towns in Spain also have connected areas. "Work is being done to see what we want it for and, from there, to promote commercial implementation," explains the head of Telefónica.

There are several factors that influence the slow implementation of 5G. The first is the absence of immediate innovative use for the average consumer. We have not found what the sector calls a killer application, that is, an app whose use determines the development of technology. Youtube or instant messaging were for previous generations of telephony, but the fifth still seeks theirs. And the industry does not know that it can solve many of its problems. The second, the high cost of the terminals that access this technology, which are few and are around a thousand euros. The third is the definitive arrangement of the 700 megahertz band that 5G will occupy. Its tender has a limit horizon on June 30, 2020, although the Government hopes that it can be advanced at the beginning of the year. And until this happens, the telephone companies will not start a real 5G deployment. What is currently done on medium gas is still supported by the 4G network and, in addition, the antennas have a reduced range and difficulties to penetrate the interiors of the buildings.

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