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Artificial intelligence to improve the ‘online’ customer experience

Virtual fashion

Wide Eyes Technologies uses artificial intelligence to improve the ‘online’ customer experience and increase store sales.
Digital commerce or e-commerce increasingly occupies more space in the consumer market. From clothes and food to tickets and shows, people have more and more facilities to buy what they want from the comfort of their homes. But few realize all the technological work involved in such a service. Wide Eyes Technologies is one of those hidden workers who since 2014 helps retailers or distributors of clothing and jewelry to give added value to their online sales platforms and thereby boost sales.

"The idea comes after a shopping trip with my wife," says Luis Manent, founding partner and CEO of the company. She had explained in detail the pair of boots she wanted, but even so, the 40-year-old businessman could not find them. "The boots I was describing were totally different from the ones I was looking for, because each person's perception is different," explains the co-founder of Wide Eyes Technologies. This is how Manent decided to create a program that would facilitate this type of search through artificial intelligence with his three partners: Miguel Pousa, Long Long Yu and Rodolfo Guichón.

First they launched an application, Similify, which consisted of a search engine that with an image could find a similar garment on the web. A Shazam for fashion, as they describe it. The market response exceeded their expectations, so they launched a program focused on companies.

Four functions
The company offers four main functions: the first is the image search, which is similar to the initial application, since through a photograph of the mobile or an image extracted from Instagram or Pinterest, the end user can find a similar product in the store in question; the second is the recommendation of similar products that may interest the customer; the third is the style advisor, which offers the buyer products that combine with the main article to complete the look; and the fourth is the auto-tag, which especially helps companies in the categorization and classification of garments.

So far, Wide Eyes Technologies has about 25 international clients that use at least one of these functions in their online sales platforms. Among them, Privalia and La Maison Simons stand out. The price depends on the characteristics of the client and the number of functions used, but is around 5,000 euros per month.

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