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The triple camera is the big bet of a continuous range

The new iPhone 11

Apple had been listening to the wolf for a decade! every time he released a new iPhone. The omens of failure were repeated every fall, while the competition managed to impress with some innovation that came before the terminals with Android. But every winter, the apple company announced even greater benefits, spurred by the success of sales of its smartphones. So it was until early in 2019 Apple recognized sales of its new iPhone lower than expected and launched a renewal plan to boost them.

In the year since the presentation of the iPhone XS, rivals have reinforced their offer with models such as the Google Pixel 3 and the Huawei P30 Pro - whose cameras surpass those of the iPhone in some specific photographic tests - or the Samsung Galaxy S10, with innovations in its design that have been very well received and with a model already compatible with 5G networks. For the first time, Apple faces at the same time the need to recover the pulse in sales and technological leadership.

How will Tim Cook and his team respond to this new situation? "Only with innovation", according to the invitation motto that Apple has sent to the media for its presentation on Tuesday, September 10. From 19:00 (Spanish peninsular time, 10 am in California), the president of the company will go to the Steve Jobs Theater from its headquarters to present the new iPhone and Apple Watch, with new accessories and, according to the latest rumors , perhaps "one more thing" (the phrase with which his predecessor introduced an unexpected novelty at the end of his charismatic keynotes).

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro
The consensus among all analysts with experience in anticipating Apple's movements is that the technology giant will present three models similar to those of 2018, 5.8, 6.5 and 6.1 inches (to replace the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, respectively). Same screen sizes and same design in general (with the controversial chin on the top of the front), and with the biggest differences in the back: the leaks point to a quadrangular and larger projection, to accommodate a third chamber.

That will be in the high-end models, which according to the same forecasts will be called iPhone 11 Pro (replacing the XS and XS Max models) and will also maintain the OLED screen as a differential element over the rest of the range. At the rear, the triple camera will move the apple logo from its place in the upper area (where it has been since the first iPhone in 2007) to the center, also to mark a new function: just like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple's new phones will wirelessly charge headphones like AirPods if their compatible case is placed in that area of ​​the phone.

With the third camera (a wide angle lens to add to normal and telephoto) Apple will rise to its competitors Samsung and Huawei. The iPhone 11 Pro is also expected to offer new photographic functionalities that combine artificial intelligence and the triple camera - such as the possibility of framing photos after taking them, including objects or people who had been left out. Apple will try to make a difference with innovations drawn from its ability to combine its own software with custom-designed chips, such as the new A13 processor, which is expected to include a new coprocessor to help with tasks that require greater computing power.

Improvements in water resistance and screen breakage have also been filtered, aimed at increasing the life of the terminals. And like last year, those features will be more pronounced in the high-end (iPhone 11 Pro) than in the mid-range: the iPhone 11, the 6.1-inch model and LCD screen intended to replace the iPhone XR. A great improvement in his photographic capabilities is also expected for him, going from one to two cameras in the back.

Apple Watch, fifth generation
The lack of leaks further affects the annual renewal of its watch, which Apple always undertakes at the same time as that of its phones. After the great design change on the screen presented last year, the novelties abroad point to the use of new materials (ceramic and titanium) to make it more resistant. In recent days it has also been revealed that the fifth generation of the Apple Watch will finally include the ability to measure and analyze the dream, which fits with the acquisition in 2017 of the company Beddit, manufacturer of accessories that add that capacity to smartphones.

To perform that task reliably, the new Apple Watch Series 5 would need to include some new biometric sensor. This is another safe bet for new models, following the trend of recent years, in which the smartwatch has become increasingly independent of the phone and has included new capabilities to take care of health and record physical activity and Sports of its users.

From almost certain to very unlikely
The annual ritual with which Apple presents its new range of mobile devices every year will be accompanied by other developments, such as the announcement of the launch date of its renewed operating systems for phones, watches, tablets and computers (iOS 13, watchOS 6, iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina), whose final versions will be available in the coming weeks. The renewal of the tvOS is also expected to be accompanied by a new version of the Apple TV device, with improvements designed to prepare it for the launch this fall of a streaming service to compete with Netflix and HBO.

As in previous years, programmers around the world have dissected the beta versions of these operating systems in search of new functions and devices. The most striking thing is that they have found clues about unpublished accessories in the Apple range: smart tags (similar to those of the Tile company) that would be used to locate objects (key ring, backpack, electronic devices, an animal's collar ... ) from the mobile phone or watch.

The same analysts who point out that these new accessories would use UWB (ultra-wideband) technology as an alternative to Bluetooth, to improve the accuracy of this location system, also point to the low probability that Apple will present as a final surprise ("one more thing ") glasses of augmented reality type Google Glasses. Although the rumor has gained strength in recent days, previous leaks this year were aimed more at the cancellation of that project or the reorganization of the team investigating that technology within Apple.

Nor is the presentation of new iPad models or computers (such as a 16-inch MacBook Pro) likely, which are expected for a new keynote this fall. And none of the leaks suggest that Apple can now launch a mobile phone model with 5G, which is expected by 2020. Thus, the Californian giant would continue to leave the lead to competition in new technologies such as that, to concentrate on innovating with Current technologies How they think to do that Tim Cook and his team is something that this time they have managed to keep safe from large leaks, until tomorrow's presentation.


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