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Google has confirmed that it is cooperating with the agents of the Prosecutor.

They investigate Google for alleged monopolistic practices

The US Attorney's Office warns that large firms have so much user information that it makes competition for new businesses difficult.

More than 30 US prosecutors are preparing an investigation into Alphabet, Google's parent company, for alleged violations of antitrust regulations. The Texas Attorney's Office leads the group of more than 30 prosecutors, who plan to announce the investigation on September 9, the source explained.
Google has confirmed that it is cooperating with the agents of the Prosecutor. "We continually work constructively with the authorities, including the Prosecutor's Office, and answer questions about our business and the dynamics of the technology sector," said José Castaneda, a Google spokesman. The investigation focuses on violation of privacy and monopoly, according to the source.

Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general, signed a manifesto last June, along with 42 other state prosecutors, urging the Federal Trade Commission to focus on practices that violate privacy and asked for information to be collected to investigate possible violations of the antitrust law.

In the statement, state prosecutors argued that large technology companies have so much information about users that it makes it very difficult to compete for new companies.

Another Texas magistrate, deputy attorney general Jeff Mateer, alleged in a hearing with the Federal Trade Commission in June that Google and other major technology brands were cheating by presenting themselves as neutral, citing Google’s refusal to publish an ad. about "what it means to be an American," the prosecutor explained in a statement in June. Google finally gave in advertising, the statement explained.

The tech giants, who are among the richest and most powerful companies in the world, are encountering greater scrutiny from Congress, federal agencies and now from the state Attorney General's office.

The Justice Department said in July that it was opening extensive research of leading digital technology firms, focusing on whether they participate in anti-competitive practices. The research is believed to point to Google, and Facebook Inc., and probably Apple Inc.

On the other hand, the Federal Trade Commission, which also monitors compliance with antitrust laws, is investigating whether Amazon and Facebook abused their great influence on the sales and social media market respectively.


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