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The US Attorney's Office investigates the Chinese company for alleged technology theft

They accuse the US of launching cyber attacks against the Huawei company

The Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei has accused the United States Government of "launching cyber attacks to infiltrate its intranet and the company's internal information systems" and instruct law enforcement to threaten, coerce and incite Huawei current and former employees in the US to turn against the company and work for them. The Asian company denounces even illegal arrests of its workers and partners.

These accusations come in the middle of the commercial war with China and just a week after The Wall Street Journal reported that the US Attorney’s Office is investigating Huawei for an alleged case of theft of intellectual property to both individuals and rival companies. . The investigation, which focuses on documents and facts that were not covered in court cases last year, also calls into question Huawei's methods for hiring workers from rival companies.

The accusations of the Chinese company about the US Government occur in a context of high tension and serious cross-criticism between Washington and Beijing. Huawei argues that the US government has been using all the tools at its disposal, including judicial and administrative powers, "as well as a number of other unscrupulous means," to sabotage the commercial operations of Huawei and its partners.

"The Government of the United States during the last months has been taking advantage of its political and diplomatic influence to pressure other governments to ban Huawei equipment," said the Chinese company.

Huawei has also criticized, among other actions, that the US authorities conspired both with companies with which it collaborates, and with commercial rivals of the Chinese corporation to file unsubstantiated accusations against the company.


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