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Tech giant Apple closes its stores worldwide except China

The technology giant Apple announced the closure of its stores worldwide until the next day 27, except in China, in

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IBM inventors reach record high

For more than a quarter of a century, IBM has been a leader in patents and advanced technology to improve

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The US wants to ban Chinese drones and in Spain they are everywhere

US suspicions of possible espionage by the Xi Jinping government flood the sector of small drones

The United States Government is

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US government quotes big tech companies to try to tackle coronavirus

The White House has organized a meeting with the country's top tech companies to coordinate efforts on the coronavirus outbreak.

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Samsung tries again with the folding screens

The South Korean manufacturer's smartphone can now be reserved in Spain for 1,500 euros, Samsung tries again with flexible screens.

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USB charging connectors in public spaces

The connections can be a door for pirates to steal private information from the user or install malicious programs, arriving

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Samsung introduces the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and Ultra

Samsung introduced its new Galaxy phone models - the company's standard series - which it named as S20, S20 Plus

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Cybersecurity trends for 2020

As technology and the internet have evolved over the past decade, so have the occurrence and impact of cyber attacks.

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