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IBM inventors reach record high

For more than a quarter of a century, IBM has been a leader in patents and advanced technology to improve

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The US wants to ban Chinese drones and in Spain they are everywhere

US suspicions of possible espionage by the Xi Jinping government flood the sector of small drones

The United States Government is

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USB charging connectors in public spaces

The connections can be a door for pirates to steal private information from the user or install malicious programs, arriving

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Cybersecurity trends for 2020

As technology and the internet have evolved over the past decade, so have the occurrence and impact of cyber attacks.

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UAE chat application took a government spying tool

A chat application that quickly became popular in the United Arab Emirates to communicate with friends and family is actually

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The end of Windows 7

Goodbye to Windows 7. Microsoft stops Tuesday giving technical support to millions of computers with this operating system. The company

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Experience tricks with your Android mobile

Android is a platform that does not stop evolving and there are constant updates that can be installed by the

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Computer of the future

Computer manufacturers work tirelessly to respond to these and many other unknowns. Anticipating what users are going to demand for

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