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Virtual studies, tips to help your children from home

Due to COVID-19, the Ministry of Education determined that educational institutions should suspend face-to-face classes, so that large numbers of students are accessing virtual education in order to achieve their academic goals.

There are many challenges facing the Colombian educational system, such as poor connectivity in different municipalities in the country, deficiencies in the management of information technologies and the lack of relevant regulations.

To implement virtual education, it is essential that institutions have a pedagogical model that includes all the elements of face-to-face education that take into account the needs of students and facilitate the teaching process. It is necessary to have specific schedules if they attend virtual classes and moments of rest. Additionally, you must select at least 1 hour per day to study the contents seen in an attractive way and to clear doubts.

There are platforms and applications in which academic work can be carried out in a virtual way in areas such as English, mathematics, science, etc. It is important that you explore them and understand how they work so that you can guide your children in the best way. Don't forget that interactive resources and formats in which the child is the protagonist or online challenges benefit the learning experience.

Having a space specially designed for study. The place must have good lighting and there must be no interruptions or distractions, that is, television and radio must be turned off to favor the concentration of children. It is also important to have a comfortable chair and table according to the height and age of the minor, since they will spend several hours studying, writing or working on their fixed or portable computer.

Dialogue is essential to understand how to help them and develop tasks according to their needs. Active learning includes asking and answering questions, solving problems, conducting experiments, and exploring interests. Children need to have moments to explore independently, since by making decisions for themselves they develop skills that will contribute to their autonomy and self-esteem.


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