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They ask not to promote widespread use of masks

People who really need it cannot find them. Colombian Infectious Diseases Association expressed concern about the way in which prevention measures against SarsCov-2 / Covid-19 infection have been taken in some cities, which it describes as totally contrary to scientific evidence; such as the widespread and mandatory use of masks for the community.

The Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases calls for these protection elements to be used in a responsible manner in those cases that are really necessary and in which the mask is effective.

"It is indicated that the face mask should be used only by those who cough or expectorate because the particles contain viruses and this acts as a barrier, as well as health workers exposed to secretions. In healthy people they are at risk of becoming a reservoir of continuous contact with the carrier's hands, spreading the virus, making the measure not only ineffective but also risky. ”

“The elements of personal protection are the cornerstone to avoid contagion. Its improper use increases the risk of transmission. The use of face masks when there is no cough or expectoration is not indicated, because the way of transmission when there are no cough symptoms is contact (the person touches the mucous membranes of the face and then touches surfaces), "the institution clarified.

In addition, the ACIN warned that the use of gloves is only indicated under certain circumstances and for patient care.


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