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Trump's lawyers urge the dismissal of the weak dismissal case

President Donald Trump's legal team said he did "absolutely nothing wrong," urging the Senate to quickly reject a case of political trial that he described as "flimsy" and a "dangerous perversion of the Constitution." The lawyers described the process of political trial as fraudulent and fraudulent. He insisted that the abuse of power was not a crime.

Trump's lawyers' brief, presented before the arguments expected this week at the Senate political trial trial, offered a more detailed view of the defense lines they intend to use against Democratic efforts to condemn the president and expel him from office. for his dealings with Ukraine. He intends to counteract a presentation presented two days ago by the Democrats of the House of Representatives that summed up weeks of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses when exposing the case of political trial.

The 110-page presentation of the White House changed the tone towards a more legal response. He still depended on Trump's claim that he did nothing wrong and did not commit a crime, even though the accusation does not depend on a material violation of the law, but rather on the vague definition of "other serious crimes and crimes minors "as established in the Constitution.

"It's a constitutional parody," the lawyers wrote.

The chamber's prosecution team spent another day at Capitol Hill preparing for the trial, which will be under great security. Before the presentation, the prosecutors of the Chamber made their way through the crowds of tourists at the Rotunda to tour the Senate chamber.

In their own presentation on Monday, House prosecutors responded to Trump's statement of innocence by making new demands for a fair trial in the Senate, where the Republican majority aligned with Trump has not yet revealed the rules.

"President Trump says his political trial is a partisan" deception. "He is wrong," prosecutors wrote in his response.

They wrote that the president cannot have both: rejecting the facts of the House case, but also hindering the Congressional subpoenas for witnesses and testimonies. "Senators must honor their own oaths by holding a fair trial with all the relevant evidence," they wrote.

Monday's White House document, much more complete than its weekend statement, says that the two articles of political trial filed against the president - abuse of power and obstruction of Congress - do not amount to crimes of political trial. He claims that the political trial investigation, centered on Trump's request that the president of Ukraine open an investigation on Democratic rival Joe Biden, never tried to find the truth.

"Instead, House Democrats were determined from the beginning to find some way, however, to corrupt the extraordinary power of political judgment to use it as a political tool to nullify the outcome of the 2016 elections and interfere in the 2020 elections, "he added. The team wrote: "All of this is a dangerous perversion of the Constitution that the Senate should quickly and flatly condemn."

The political trial case accuses Trump of abusing power by retaining Ukrainian military aid while he was seeking an investigation into Biden, and of obstructing Congress by ordering administration officials not to come forward to testify or provide documents, challenging the citations of Congress.

In a report submitted on Saturday, House Democrats called Trump's behavior the "worst nightmare" of the constitution's editors.

"President Donald J. Trump used his official powers to pressure a foreign government to interfere in an election of the United States for his personal political benefit," prosecutors of the House of Representatives wrote, "and then tried to cover up his plan by obstructing Congress’s investigation of his misconduct. " . "

But Trump's team said Monday that even if Trump had abused his power to withhold Ukraine's military assistance, it would not be impeccable, because he did not violate a specific criminal statute. And he said that the White House had the legal right to protect the president's close advisors from having to appear before Congress, and said that the administrations of both parties have taken a position.

Opening arguments are expected within days after a debate on Tuesday about the rules, even if the witnesses will be summoned at the trial.


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