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Trump pardons former San Francisco

President Donald Trump has pardoned Edward DeBartolo Jr., the former San Francisco 49ers owner convicted in a gambling fraud scandal.


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The United Kingdom will ban gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2035

The Boris Johnson Government has decided to advance the ban on the sale of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines

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Coronavirus forces more than 280 million schoolchildren to study at home online

Students of all levels of education have seen their classes suspended in China because of the epidemic, the world of

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China expands quarantine for the coronavirus to four other cities and isolates 21 million people

The closure of cities to control the transmission of the new coronavirus is spread in China. After the abrupt quarantine

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Trump's lawyers urge the dismissal of the weak dismissal case

President Donald Trump's legal team said he did "absolutely nothing wrong," urging the Senate to quickly reject a case of

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Warning about possible measles exposure at 5 US airports. UU.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns of possible measles exposure at five different US airports. UU.

At the height

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Where to spend New Year's Eve in Tampa Bay

A new year is approaching as we approach the end of the 2010s. If you are looking for a place

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Boeing CEO resigns after two accidents

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigned due to the deadly debacle of Max 737 that plunged the aircraft manufacturer into a

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