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Trump pardons former San Francisco

President Donald Trump has pardoned Edward DeBartolo Jr., the former San Francisco 49ers owner convicted in a gambling fraud scandal.


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Virtual studies, tips to help your children from home

Due to COVID-19, the Ministry of Education determined that educational institutions should suspend face-to-face classes, so that large numbers of

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They ask not to promote widespread use of masks

People who really need it cannot find them. Colombian Infectious Diseases Association expressed concern about the way in which prevention

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World Health Organization calls COVID-19 a pandemic

The World Health Organization has called COVID-19 for the first time a pandemic. The WHO conducted the assessment during a briefing

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Delta suspends US flights. To South Korea amid coronavirus concerns

The Delta airline will reduce its services between ICN and Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle until April 30 per week.

The airline

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Donald Trump campaign sues New York Times for defamation of opinion piece of 2019

Trump's campaign filed a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times on Wednesday, alleging that the newspaper made "false and

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The United Kingdom will ban gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2035

The Boris Johnson Government has decided to advance the ban on the sale of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines

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Coronavirus forces more than 280 million schoolchildren to study at home online

Students of all levels of education have seen their classes suspended in China because of the epidemic, the world of

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