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Chile, in just three days they vaccinate almost 600,000 people

In Chile, a total of 556,000 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, three days after starting the mass vaccination campaign with older adults, who joined the health personnel who began to receive the first of the two doses in December, reported the Ministry of Health.

The government and municipalities have set up stadiums, plazas, sports centers and their own primary care centers throughout the country, divided into 16 regions, in order to meet the goal of vaccinating five million people by the end of March and reaching to 15 of the 18 million inhabitants in July 2021.

Since Wednesday, the free and voluntary inoculation campaign for the entire population had a massive response from elderly people over 80 years of age, the first summoned this first week. Many of them agreed in their desire to regain some of the freedom lost since March last year due to the pandemic.

Health Minister Enrique Paris said that on Friday alone 112,619 people over 85 were vaccinated. "They have a unique conscience and have left their homes with effort, with joy and with an enormous conviction that this opens a light of hope for their future," he said.

With an average of around 4,000 daily cases, Chile began its vaccination campaign with the first of two doses from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac, when it added more than 740,000 infections and 18,808 deaths in the 11-month pandemic.

Chile began vaccinating its health personnel in December, when it received a first batch of 154,000 doses from Pfizer / BioNtech. The vaccines from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac will add up to a total of 10 million doses agreed with the government of President Sebastián Piñera.

Chile reached agreements to buy about 36 million doses with Pfizer, Sinovac, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. For now there is no pact with Moderna and they do not rule out advancing later with the Russian Sputnik V.


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