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World Health Organization, mission in China advances in search of the origin of COVID

The mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) investigating the origin of COVID-19 in China is going very well, said one of its members, while the team visited an animal disease control center in Wuhan.

Peter Daszak, a member of the team, told reporters that the mission was excellent and going very well, while the head of the group, Peter Ben Embarek, nodded when asked if they had sufficient access to Wuhan.

The mission, which China delayed, aims to explore how the virus passed from animals to humans, but questions remain about what experts may find a year later.

The visit is also politically very sensitive for Beijing, accused of having been slow to react to the first cases of COVID-19 reported in late 2019 in Wuhan, a huge metropolis in central China.

Daszak said that after the visit, the team had a very informative meeting and also tweeted that WHO experts had met with key personnel in charge of livestock surveillance and had an in-depth discussion.

According to Daszak, on Sunday, the team visited the Wuhan market where the first outbreak was recorded more than a year ago, a crucial visit.


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