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European Union, Pfizer vaccines did not show side effects within a month of applying them

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that no side effects were identified during the first month of vaccination with Pfizer / BioNTech in the European Union (EU) and assured that the drug is not linked to any case of death that has occurred after a injection.

In its first report on the safety of Pfizer's vaccine, known as Comirnaty, the EMA stressed that, from the data collected on the use of this drug in vaccination campaigns in all European countries since the end of December, no side effects in addition to those that have already appeared during clinical trials.

The Agency also analyzed the cases of deaths reported after vaccination with this vaccine, taking into account other medical conditions and mortality rates for age groups in the general population, and concluded that no deaths are directly related to an effect of the injection.

The EMA safety committee studied all the deaths reported after receiving a Comirnaty vaccine, including the deaths of elderly people with deteriorating health, and assured that the cases do not pose a safety problem for the vaccine itself, although it promises continue to closely monitor all cases.

Pfizer's safety information includes data from EudraVigilance, the EU's centralized database on side effects of medicines, and data received from other sources, including the monthly safety report produced by the pharmaceutical company as required by the EMA. , a condition imposed with the marketing license.

Pfizer's vaccine safety update includes data collected and evaluated since the approval of the conditional use of the vaccine in the Union, on December 21, this being the first antidote against COVID-19 that was approved in the area community throughout the pandemic.


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