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Developing countries will have cheaper COVID-19 test prices

The World Health Organization (WHO), through the UNITAID and FIND programs, announced an agreement that will halve the price of COVID-19 tests in more than 250 million tests that will be produced in 2021 for countries on process of development.

In these nations there is a lack of tests to detect COVID-19, but also a lack of laboratories to process them.
Thanks to this agreement, the price of a test will drop from five to two and a half dollars and it will be possible to cover 50 percent of the needs of the most vulnerable countries, in which health workers have not been able to access tests when they were urgent due to to the fragile health systems they have.

The World Health Organization has estimated that approximately 500 million diagnostic tests are needed to meet the needs of developing countries during 2021, of which 75 percent should be administered in decentralized places.

While in developed nations the number of daily tests per 100,000 people rises to 252, in low- and middle-income countries the number is ten times less, with only 24 tests per 100,000 people, according to the WHO.

Global cases of COVID-19 reached 95.3 million, 496,000 of them registered in the last day, according to statistics updated daily by the WHO. The deaths in the pandemic amount to 2.05 million, 13,000 of the deaths reported in the last 24 hours.


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