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Madrid-Spain, explosion in a building in the city center

A strong explosion has partially destroyed a building located in the center of Madrid causing at least three deaths and one missing person, as well as six wounded, as confirmed by the Community Government delegate, José Manuel Franco. The mayor of the city, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has made a preliminary assessment with all the precautions from the area and has indicated that the causes point to a gas leak, which has blown up the four upper floors of the building on Calle de Toledo, less than a kilometer from the Plaza Mayor.

He also pointed out that the building is on fire from the inside, but the firefighters do not consider it prudent to intervene because it could affect the stability and structure of the building.

The detonation occurred in the central Toledo street and affected at least four floors of the building, the regional emergency services said on Twitter, adding that the medical emergency services are treating several people.

The detonation occurred in a building belonging to a parish, and next to a nursing home and a school. In neither of these two centers were there injuries, indicated the mayor and a person in charge of the nursing home. The area is cordoned off, with the streets full of rubble and remains of the building that were thrown away by the explosion.


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