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Disneyland Park won't open in California until 2021

Disneyland, the park that the Mickey Mouse company has in California (USA), will remain closed until at least January 2021, almost ten months after it closed its doors this spring at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a report of results, the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, said he was extremely disappointed with the California authorities for preventing the opening, something that he has been able to do in other parks in Florida, France and China, although to close them again weeks later in some cases.

Disneyland's Anaheim facility, which employed about 31,000 people, has been closed since mid-March, at the start of the health crisis.

The company outlined a plan to begin reopening this iconic venue in July, but the reopening was canceled as coronavirus cases soared across the state, forcing state and local officials to reverse business permits.

Walt Disney announced in September the layoff of 28,000 workers at its theme parks in the United States due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and which forced the closure of its recreational facilities.

The staff cuts affected the Department of Recreational Parks, Production and Experiences, according to a statement from the company, signed by the president of this section, Josh D'Amaro.

According to the company, 67 percent of the workers who lost their jobs were hired part-time. In total, Walt Disney's Parks and Recreation Facilities division employs more than 100,000 people.

Disney has several theme parks around the world. Those of Shanghai and Hong Kong, in China, reopened their doors and then closed them temporarily, the same as that of Paris, while those of Orlando, in Florida, remain open with restrictions.


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