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Europe exceeded the figures in cases of coronavirus in the world

Europe has exceeded the figures in COVID-19 cases in the world since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the balance made by international agencies based on official data.

With 11.6 million positives diagnosed with coronavirus, and more than 293,000 deaths, Europe surpassed Latin America and the Caribbean in the numbers of infected, which add up to 11.4 million infected and almost 407,000 deaths.

After having suffered a deadly first wave in March and April, Europe returned to the global center of the pandemic since October. Since the beginning of last month, the Old Continent became the region with the highest number of daily cases.

Last week an average of 277,000 new positives was registered per day, which represented more than half of the cases diagnosed in the world, where an average of 517,000 was registered.

The epidemic situation worsened since the end of October, as reflected by an increase of almost 50 percent in the death toll, 21,500 last week while the previous one was 14,403, and an increase of 20 percent in cases.

France is the country with the highest number of infections (an average of 44,000 daily cases, +11 percent), followed by Italy (28,600, +43 percent), the United Kingdom (22,400, +2 percent), Spain (21,100) , +13 percent) and Poland (20,000, +46 percent).

Before being overtaken by Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean had been the region with the highest number of infections since the end of July.


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