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Elections United States, Donald Trump calls for vote counting to stop

President Donald Trump, through his Twitter account, asks that the counting of votes be stopped, while he has denounced alleged fraud in the United States elections.

Since yesterday, November 4, when the electoral landscape began to turn in favor of Joe Biden when the results of key states in the election were known, the Republican president showed his rejection and announced demands in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and the recount of votes in Wisconsin.

While missing a statement on the night of Trump, this morning he broke his silence by asking that the vote counting be stopped and that he would give a press conference from Nevada.
His annoyance is that Biden managed to win in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, while the count advances in Alaska, which gives three electoral votes, Georgia with 16, North Carolina with 15, Pennsylvania 20 and Nevada 6.

In Nevada, where for now the former Obama vice president is leading in the vote, which would mean, if confirmed at the end of the vote, that he would have achieved the 270 electoral colleges to snatch the White House from Trump.

With this it seems that this process will be longer, as the Republican candidate will undertake a legal battle to bring this to the Cortes.


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