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United States, Elections record historic figure

According to local media, participation in the presidential elections that began this Tuesday in the United States and whose result is still unknown, may be the highest of those registered in the last hundred years.

The Edison Research portal estimates that more than 157 million votes have been cast for the election of the country's new president, representing a turnout rate of 65.7 percent among voters who can exercise the right to vote, reports The Washington Post.

This figure is more than five points higher than that registered in the 2016 presidential elections, estimated at 60.1 percent and in which the Republican Donald Trump, candidate for re-election, was the winner.

Turnout in this poll would be the highest since 1908, when 65.7 percent of possible voters cast their votes. This circumstance, the newspaper says, occurred before the United States changed its constitution and allowed the right to vote for women.

Due to this, the anticipated participation also reached a record, exceeding 100 million voters, of which 35.9 million correspond to votes cast in person in the past days and another 64.8 million to votes by mail, according to the organization US Elections Project of the University of Florida.


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