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Italy, new restrictions to stop the increase in COVID-19 cases

Italy announced new restrictive measures in order to curb the rise in coronavirus cases, including a ban on private parties and more rigid hours for bars and restaurants.
The decree, signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, valid for 30 days, prohibits parties and celebrations both outdoors and indoors and limits the number of guests in private homes to six.

So-called amateur contact sports such as soccer or basketball have also been banned.
Bars and restaurants will not be able to serve customers who do not have a seat after 9:00 p.m. local time. It is a provision against the so-called youth movement due to the high risks of contagion.

The decree was signed early Tuesday morning after a series of observations and negotiations with the leaders of the various regions, also concerned about the economic consequences.

Italy, which has registered more than 36,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic, moved to the second phase with more specific restrictions, in order to avoid total confinement due to the increase in cases in the last week.

The decree was accepted by the governors of the regions, who are responsible for health management, although the head of government warned that he does not rule out taking even more coercive measures in the future if the situation continues to deteriorate.

Weddings and christenings must have a maximum of 30 guests and the use of the mask, even outdoors, is still mandatory throughout the country.

The health protocol linked to quarantine for contact cases and the isolation of positive cases has been modified.
In case of testing positive for the coronavirus, the rule was to serve 14 days of isolation until obtaining two negative tests to be able to go out. Now the quarantine will be ten days and it will be enough to obtain a single negative test to consider that the person is cured.


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