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Donald Trump, the treatment he received made it easier for the symptoms to be controlled quickly

Donald Trump, president of the United States, had to be hospitalized on Friday after suffering ill health, which alerted Americans about the real state of health of the president and what would come as the elections approach.

Javier Jaimes virologist, explained that according to what is known Donald Trump did have initial symptoms when he was infected, but they were mild and the treatment he received helped to combat the symptoms quickly. "As the treatment was applied quickly, as it possibly made it easier for the symptoms to be controlled quickly. The key is to diagnose people in the initial stage, and that does not mean that the person is seriously ill but that is when they drugs like Remdesivir are efficient, "he said.

He clarified that using corticosteroids is constant in diseases of all kinds. "What they are trying to do is reduce the adverse effects of the immune response," he explained, recalling that until now he is concerned that when the immune system reacts, it can generate inflammations that can lead to death, as has happened in young people.
So far, they are waiting for the doctors who treat Trump to deliver a new medical report.


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