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Study, Hydrocortisone reduces deaths in seriously ill patients from COVID-19

A study conducted in the United Kingdom, hydrocortisone, a low-cost steroid, reduces the risk of death by about 20 percent in patients with severe forms of COVID-19. In this European country, doctors are going to start using it immediately.

Hydrocortisone, a widely used anti-inflammatory, increases the chances of survival, but also accelerates the recovery of patients suffering from the most severe forms of the disease, explained Anthony Gordon, a researcher at Imperial College London, director of the participating British team in this international study.

The researchers tested the effects of seven different steroids in 403 patients suffering from severe reactions to the coronavirus. These tests, which were carried out in 88 British hospitals, revealed the efficacy of hydrocortisone, which could save one in 12 patients.

"Of the patients who were not treated with this steroid, about 40 percent died of a severe form of COVID-19," Gordon explained. "In the group that we gave this steroid, only 32 percent died," he said.
This difference of eight points is equivalent to a "reduction of 20 percent in the risk of mortality", says the researcher from Imperial College London.

Calling it "another weapon in the arsenal of the global fight against COVID-19", the director general of the British National Health Service (NHS), Simon Stevens, announced in a statement "immediate measures to ensure that patients who could benefit hydrocortisone treatment "have it.
"This is not a treatment that can be used at home to prevent coronavirus or to treat mild symptoms," Gordon warned, noting that no out-of-hospital tests were conducted and that the steroid is reserved for the most severe cases.


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