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Spain, Army is mobilized to track COVID-19 cases

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, announced that some 2,000 soldiers will be mobilized to track COVID-19 cases in Spain, where the evolution of the pandemic is worrying.

"We are going to bend the curve again and we have to do it together," said Sánchez, who announced that his government will make these military personnel available to the 17 regions, competent in health matters, to carry out tracking tasks.

The lack of human resources in the autonomous regions most affected by the new coronavirus is one of the problems to which the increase in people infected during the summer is attributed.

The socialist leader indicated that regional governments can ask the central executive to reapply in those areas most affected, or even throughout the country, the State of Alarm, the legal mechanism of exception used in spring in Spain to promote one of the stricter lockdowns in Europe.

Sánchez acknowledged that the evolution of the epidemic in Spain is worrying, although he defended that "we are far from the situation in mid-March."

"We cannot allow the pandemic to take over our lives again" as in spring, "we are not going to allow it, we have to take control, bend this second curve and the sooner and more effectively, the better", declared the president of the government.

Spain, where the pandemic has already caused more than 28,800 deaths, exceeded 400,000 infections on Monday and the autonomous community of Madrid has now become the area most affected by the new outbreaks.


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