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The social network TikTok files a lawsuit against the United States government

TikTok confirmed that it is filing a lawsuit against the United States government over an executive order from Donald Trump that seeks to block the Chinese social network accusing it of spying for Beijing.
"We strongly disagree with the government's position that TikTok is a threat to national security," the company maintains in a blog post.

"We filed a lawsuit in federal court against the administration's efforts to ban TikTok in the United States."

Donald Trump has accused the proprietary video-sharing platform for several months, without proof, of diverting data from US users for the benefit of Beijing.

Trump signed an executive order on Aug. 6 giving Americans 45 days to stop doing business with Bytedance.

In the context of trade and political tensions between the United States and China, the president signed a similar decree against the WeChat platform, which belongs to the Chinese giant Tencent.

Faced with these decisions, Beijing denounced "the political manipulation and repression" of Washington.

The decrees do not specify the practical consequences, but a ban on any transaction with the two companies could force Google and Apple to remove the two networks from their app stores, preventing their use in the United States.


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